Saturday, October 29, 2011


        An ARTIST’s  STORY 
          By saM talBot-keLLy
S'AMUSE is a brand of sustainable clothing handmade and local to Vermont. It is socially responsible lifting community via the slow fashion ethic. S'AMUSE HOODS are both male and female. As an artist and designer of clothes I want to embrace the eccentric beauty, the non-sensical, the strange, and have fun. When wearing a hood we can feel the appreciation for solitude, for independence and the retreat they provide in our bustling world.  At the same time the juxtaposing relationships of fabrics with colors and patterns, unite these independent parts to a greater whole and form with a sense of belonging. They are made of organic cotton blends, biodegradable tencel, organic velour with water-based dyes, while the wool is from our local Johnson Woolen Mills. I hope you enjoy them as they are made with plenty of heart and adventure.