Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The following images of hats and bags from November and December ( SEE archives on the right) of this year are made from a variety of materials. Some are constructed from recycled matter, some re-purposed fabrics, some endings of the unused, some consumed and some vintage. Vinyl as my main fabric plays with other patterns and imagery I find in the repository of pop culture. Playing with a mix of materials and fusion of designs allows me to continue, extend, push into, and ultimately expose the wonderful contradicting forces of nature including ourselves. Sewing is like drawing on fabric; a flow of energy between juxtaposing forms and contrasts of materials and as such I find this medium illuminating to pursue as the culture of 'identity' carries on. The desire to harness this pursuit as transitory as it is might lead one to wear one, even for a brief second...

please check out my flickr site to view my mixed-media drawings in the right column and hit the sets tab to see 'THE NEWSPAPER CLUB'.

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